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Is Invisalign for you?



What is it?


Invisalign is an alternative to metal braces for straighening out your teeth. The proprierary brand name is made out of the word 'Invisable Aligners'. Here are some information you should know.


Its a series of clear aligners custom made according to your dentition. Every new aligners, which you are to change every 2 weeks, will exert a little pressure at certain spots to push your teeth to the right alignment.



Whats so great about it?



One of the biggest plus point about this invention from the USA is that they are invisable. For working adults, who feel concious having metal in their mouth while meeting clients or giving a presentation, this is certainly an option to consider.



Aligners are generally more comfortable and convenient compares to having the conventional braces. You do away with having metal brackets getting loose and wire ends poking into the cheek tissue. Therefore, you are less likely to run into braces emergencies. You also get to remove them whenever you eat and brush. In a way, you are able to eat better and maintain a better hygiene throughtout the treatment.



This is an advantage for those who travel out of town often. As all the aligners are ready, your dentist have the option of dispensing more than 1 month worth of aligners to you on a need basis. Your in between visits duration become more flexible according to your need.




Whats the downside of getting Invisalign?



There are differences in terms of teeth movement using aligners compare to metal braces. Therefore, your dentist will need to assess your teeth condition and advise you on which is the best method for you. Generally, metal braces are still more superior in terms of getting the teeth to move. In our dental practice, we want  to weigh your social need after assessing  your dental need when advising you.



Unfortunately Invisalign is more than double the price of metal braces. This is because it is still relatively quite a new and is a refined invention from the USA.  Invisalign was first introduced in 1999.  Their software for treatment planning and production line are very well done using sophisticated technology.  



How will it affect my lifestyle?

Most of my patient who uses it are adult patients and they feel very good about using it, mainly because of its comfort and cosmetic benefits. They are also happy to have more flexibility over the 2 odd years of treatment.  There has to be some changes to your eating habit. As you need to remove the aligners when having your meals, we advise you not to snack in between the 3 main meals. 


As the aligners fit snugly and needs to be removed a few times a day, having very long and fancy nails could be a barrier to having this treatment. 

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